TThe athlete training department at Sakurada Club Tokyo Tennis College has been revamped in April 2015 with a new coaching system.
At present we have trained a large number of players who have reached top national ranks, including some who have become national champions.
In order for our junior players to be able to devote themselves to tennis more thoroughly and to be able to bring out their dreams and maximum potential, it is necessary that we have a training system that allows for systematic and continuous matches across the world’s circuits.
Sakurada Club is now commencing the new ‘Tour Team Program’. Our goal is to continuously train world-class junior athletes, and to create a new training system in Japan’s tennis world so that many new ‘World No. 1’ players can be made.
Aiming for ‘World No.1’ requires gaining strength by facing the world at the junior stage and competing in matches against the world’s top junior players. From the early ages of 12 and 13, they need to travel beyond different environments, cultures, and nationalities and be thrown into real matches where their mentalities can clash so that they can find their own playstyle. We also believe that by having our club’s coaches lead this program we will be able to produce step-by-step growth from a young age.
In the current world of tennis in Japan, the standard has become to move overseas from a young age and aim for the world’s top spot, similar to Kei Nishikori. However, now that the impossible dream of ‘The road to the top of the world’ has been proven to Japanese people by a Japanese person, we believe that there are new methods and possibilities beginning in Japan.
Based on the concept ‘Develop the Individual’, which could be called the spirit of Sakurada Club, we will continue to train the next generation of champions.
In order to train and raise these ‘Individuals’, the support of everyone is indispensable.
Sakurada Club will aim for the top of the world, and begin a new challenge.

Sakurada Club Tokyo Tennis College
Daisuke Watanabe - Training department head coach


This program will include personal instruction based on a long-term strengthening plan.
It will mostly be comprised of the following two parts.

  • Overseas Expedition team

    • ITF junior circuit strengthening program
      Participation in the ITF junior circuit from the age of 13. In this circuit they will compete in various matches and aim for the world’s top spots.
    • The Junior Orange Bowl in December will mainly be used as a run-up period for our younger players ( 10 - 14 years old ) to gain experience overseas and to participate in the ITF Junior Circuit.
    • This is aimed at both players belonging to the Sakurada Club and players outside of the club.
    • The ITF junior circuit is an international junior tournament circuit organized by the ITF ( International Tennis Federation ), which runs tournaments around the world throughout the year.
      It is believed that any juniors who reach the top here are more likely to reach the top in the future, including in the regular division.
    • The Orange Bowl is an international tournament with a 60 year history held every year in December in America’s state of Florida and is considered to be the gateway to the world’s top level of tennis. Those under the age of 12 and 14 participate in what is called the Junior Orange Bowl, and those under 16 and 18 participate in what is called the Orange Bowl which is under the control of the ITF.
  • Day Time Program

    We conduct higher quality and personal instruction in order for our players to obtain professional skills. This program is conducted with a morning and afternoon schedule that comprehensively approaches all sides of tennis, including the technical, tactical, mental, and physical sides.